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  • by Claire Fury

Baby Footprint Art

A personal keepsake gift for any member of the family

You can try this little Christmas craft project at home yourself.

All you need is :

● A chair or highchair that allow the child's legs to dangle free

● a $2 tube of artists acrylic paint

● a paper plate & a paint brush

● A newspaper for the floor under the child's feet

● Paper towel to dry feet

● A Chux cloth to wash feet

● A small bowl or bucket of water with a squirt of dish washing liquid in warm water

● A cheap canvas

● some pencils or felt pens

The method is: ay your newspaper out first and get your bucket of warm water ready at the side of the chair.

Have you paint spread out thinly on a paper plate and your canvas at hand too. Make sure everything is at easy reach for you.

Press the child's foot in the paint and press down on to the canvas keeping firm control of the foot.

Wet the Chux cloth and wash the paint off and dry with paper towel. Repeat with the other foot 😊

I normally find that my son is more cooperative after a lunchtime nap just after he wakes, as he's still a bit sleepy and not so fidgety LOL!


give it a go, even if you're not all that Artistic xxx

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