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  • by Claire Fury

Custom Orders and the process

All of my room decor mobiles are completely unique and boutique, please note i will not copy any other designs on-line, i will make my own mobiles of similar colors but will not make an identical replica of any other company's product.

How does the ordering process work for a custom order ?

Firstly, please note that we can only take custom orders through own website and NOT Ebay.

a) because they don't allow me to make sales outside of their website

b) because they don't allow me to take a deposit

c) because once the mobile is finished I have to publically list it and hope that the person who ordered it is the first person to buy it


Step 1:

Email me direct

Each 100% handmade mobile is unique and boutique

fabric patterns, tones or design will differ from the next, I never make two identical.

Step 2 :

I select fabrics in the colour tones that will compliment your scheme and present you with the options and a quote

Step 3 :

If you reply OK TO GO AHEAD, this signifies to us that you're 100% happy with the design and price, and we then require a 50% deposit via PayPal invoice before sewing can commence.

Step 4 :

Once the design is finished, which can take approx. 1 week, we will email you a final photo of your mobile and request the balance and postage be paid prior to sending in a clear window gift box with tracking number and signature

Step 5 :

Enjoy your mobile with your baby

PLEASE NOTE: My mobiles are for Room Décor ONLY and are not a toy, they should not be hung directly over a cot in case of suffocation or choking hazards

Refunds can only be given on deposits if the unwanted mobile sells within 3 months from the date the deposit was first taken

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