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My "Outlander" personal project

With my lounge room looking a little worn and tired from toddler wear, i thought it was high time to plan a little make over with a lick of paint and some accent furnishings.

I set a small budget and a moderate time span to shop for bargins and ideas, but with no luck.

Then one day i saw an advert for Spoonflower, fabric / wallpapers and gift wrap, and my search ๐Ÿ” came up trumps, i had always wanted some outlander tartan from another website but they didn't ship to Australia unlike spoonflower.

It was a little expensive but i thought I'd order small and if the quality was good i could always order more. I used the fabric sparingly in my fur design so not to blow the budget per cushion because the wholesale price = what i would be prepared to pay in a retail store.

I wanted the crest off my dvd box as one of the main features and originally thought i would sew the entire thing, but then had a brain wave to draw it myself on some antique gold leatherette, it turned out pretty good and my one off cushions are now the envy of all my friends ๐Ÿ˜‰

Why not give it a go yourself and check out the Frazer Hunting Tartan available in a good choice of fabrics online today.

By Sassanach

Claire Fury

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