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  • by Claire Fury

The Sussex Platinum - royal baby mobile

This unique beauty I designed for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex after the fantastic news which broke during their Royal Tour of Australia 2018, and is traveling to Kensington palace by plane.

It's always exciting to hear that a couple are expecting a child, and you reminisce about the daunting things you felt about becoming a parent for the first time, mostly feeling joy for the happy couple. Everyone you talk to is an expert on the subject and you find yourself becoming public property, so to speak LOL!

I wanted to give a subtle nod to Meghan with stars and stripes fabric as well as Harry's HRH.

My husband said he thought it needed some red, white and blue, but sophistication was my goal, not tacky pommie ;)

So here it is, my own unique design, one of one (as are all my mobiles) royal hot air balloons, floating to the UK

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