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Felt play food inspiration

I recently bought my son the very cool NEW Fisher Price Barista coffee set, and that got me thinking about my childhood. During many of the happy memories I have with my Aunt and Uncle I used to play shops and cafe's and do my own cookery demos with mud, berries, leaves etc and grind it all up in a bowl to make an inedible chocolate cake LOL! I had a great imagination from a young age and wanted my son to grow up with similar happy memories. So, I set about making him some play food to go with his Barista set, as pre-moulded plastic food did not appeal to me and the whole BPA thing too, I thought what the hell I'm going to make him some felt food so that he doesn't have to use shop bought items. Yes, they'll probably get ruined but at least he can say in years to come, my Mum made those :) and i'll be his best customer

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