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I won the Gourmet Palette at St.Philips Christian College

In 2015 WON the 1st prize at the St.Phillips Christian College "Gourmet Palette" spring fair cake competition, it was the first time they had the Gourmet Palette added to their spring fair by all accounts.

I had originally made the cake just to enter the competition because a friend of mine was on the committee to drum up applications for the show and I thought I'd lend my support, I had pre-planned a cake design in my head for my son's 1st birthday cake but the competition deadline was way before his birthday, so I was fully prepared to make 2 different cakes, but at the last minute I decided to use this one instead, I just had to find someone with the freezer space to store it in for 6 weeks. Luckily, just when I thought I'd be eating chocolate mud cake for over a week washed down with red wine I found a saviour who had a French door fridge in their holiday home, Phew!!!!!

I didn't want to see this cake wasted for a second time, as I've made this before in 2003 and the recipient thought it so amazing they didn't want to cut into it, or eat, just look at it and let it go mouldy.

In 2016 they asked me to come back and do a live demonstration of my sugar craft skills at the next Spring Fair, and that i crafted Harry Potter items (below)

Some more of my cakes

I won Singleton Masterchef cake decorating competition too

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