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Minecraft kids party games

Game number 1

“Tame the wolves”.

Is actually my spin on the original game of bull rush. The idea being that there are one or two people in the middle (Steve & Alex with a bone each) and rest of the party guests (who will be the wolves) stand behind the line. When you say GO! the party guests have to run and dodge the two players in the centre who will try to tag you with a bone to tame you, if you make it to the opposite line without being tagged you succeed in going the next round until there is a winner.

Game number 2

”Minecart relay race”

In this game I devised a relay race using 2 cardboard boxes wrapped in silver wrapping paper decorated with marker pens, you will only need the box sides, not the top or bottom, so fold them in for greater strength. You will need to form 2 teams, the first person in the queue will run to the minecart, step into the box, lift and run to the bucket of coal, grab 1 piece and run back placing their coal in the team bucket. The first team to fetch all their coal is the winner.

Game number 3

” Dodge the splash potions”

In this game 1 or 2 people will dress as the witch 🧙‍♀️ and throw water balloons at their guests as pretend splash potions. Great fun on a hot summer day! but you might want to warn guests that if they don’t want their party outfit wet to sit this one out, especially if they don’t have a spare change of clothes or attending another function after yours.

Game number 5

The llama piñata

I discovered this multicoloured Llama piñata in the Reject shop and pulled all the tissue paper off recovered it in white crepe paper. It took me approx 3 hours to craft, but so worth it! Each party guest will get 1 whack blindfolded, and each player will get a quick squirt with a water pistol, because Llamas spit 😆😆😆

Game number 6

“Creeper target practise”

This game I did not invent, and I tried to think up a kid friendly version of my own, but without risking a nerf bullet in the eye, or a crossbow arrow flying in the wrong direction which could spoil the party fun, this was the safest party target practise I found.

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