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September 30, 2018

September 30, 2017

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Handmade Connect - Meet the Maker series March 2018

March 6, 2018




Being a part of the Handmade Connect movement on Instagram and Facebook has been a positive part of my life.  They're a fast growing Community with lots of help and support for all people and things handmade. This month they're showcasing makers during the month of march and i decided to get my brave face on and submit a short bio about myself about what i do and why i do it. Mainly because it's nice to put a face to the product, and i've been so busy raising my toddler at home that not many people know the facts behind the scenes.


What my Bio didn't divulge was how crazy busy my life is!

Before our son was born i used to run a very successful holiday house on our honey farm, people used to joke with me that when a baby comes along we would know the true meaning of hard work and being busy. Well, i can honestly say that so far my life hasn't changed one bit, i still don't get a chance to shower and dress before midday, and then when my son goes down for his lunchtime nap i sew like the wind LOL!


After getting a much needed hair cut recently and putting on a bit of lippy i submitted my picture, double checked i was following all the correct info, hashtags, etc.... and here it is, i was selected as one of the highlighted Makers in March by the lovely Emma.


Highlights like this can give you a real boost emotionally, far better than a can of energy drink any day ;)


Thank you Handmade Connect for the exposure, i'm most humbled <3


C x





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