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Death Star shelf - STAR WARS kids bedroom

October 19, 2018

Long before a retailer developed a set of star wars bedroom furniture i had started planning my son's BIG BOY bedroom of the same theme. My creativity would evolve around a millennium falcon bedspread that i had bought on-line three years ago that had a hand applique look, and yes, i could of made it myself but by the time i'd finish it Dash would be a teenager LOL!


My search for items to use took me to KMART where i saw a round shelf that would be perfect to turn into my first piece of STAR WARS decor for my son's room


Items needed:

1 x round shelf

1 x can of grey spray paint 

1 x sheet of ply wood

1 x tube of silver paint

1 x black pen

1 x green light

1 x ball point pen shaft (clear PVC)


I cut a circle in the death star and mounted the light behind it, i then added 3 small dowl pegs to raise the laser dish off of the front surface. This way the light will radiate out around the edges, and the pvc pen shaft project surrounding light out of the centre, doubling as the ON OFF switch


I think it turned out pretty well and i hope he loves it when he sees it tonight as it will give him a small amount of light to see in the dark if he needs to get up in the night to use the potty ;)


Now to spray paint his bed and chest of drawers and paint a new mural on his wall


Happy crafting everyone, and i hope this has inspired you to make or recycle items into a kids dream bedroom



Love C x




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